Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot and Spicy

Yesterday was the first day of Fall semester and I already have lots to do! But I wanted to do a quick post before starting my reading assignments. Here I used OPI Hot and Spicy, a bright orange color. I don't normally wear orange but I liked this one. For the flowers I used konad plate m3 and stamping polishes white, red, and an old bottle of white mixed with yellow. The red is kind of hard to see and the pastel yellow almost looks white in the picture but they're more noticeable in person.

That's all I have for now. I'll do my best to keep up and post at least once a week :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pretty Teal Flowers

This design was inspired by Deniz from Emerald Sparkled. I loved how she applied a dot of color underneath the stamped flower. A few weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to use China Glaze’s For Audrey and stamp with Sally Hansen’s Fairy Teal but didn’t know which Konad plate to use. After playing around with a few plates, I thought of the manicure Deniz did and tried it out. This is what I ended up with ...

Instead of stamping with Fairy Teal, I used it as the color of the flower and stamped with white (the flower is from plate m76). I also placed the flower at the corners of my nails rather than in the middle. It turned out to be one of my favorites! Thanks Deniz for the inspiration! I love your blog! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milani Wild Violet

Here's another one I did a couple weeks ago. I used Milani Wild Violet and Konad plate m36. Wild Violet looks better in person. It has a hint of magenta when light hits it. I just realized that I don't like how the light shines on my index finger. It looks like I messed up. Maybe it's just when the picture is small? Oh well :)

Since some of my friends have joined me with the whole nail polish and konad obsession, we have decided to start a new weekly tradition of doing our nails together. We usually get together at our friend Clare's house and bring food, eat and talk .. girls night in. We thought it would be fun to add nails to our things to do while we hang out. We had our first konad night last week on Thursday and getting together again tomorrow :) Here's a candid my sister Sha took with her cell.

From left to right: Jess, Clare, me, and Stef (missing from the picture: Sha since she's the one who took it, and Ria since she had work).

I had such a great time that night .. can't wait til tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sally Hansen Fairy Teal

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Fairy Teal and Konad image plate m50. I really like this color and I like how the white looks on it .. it looks clean. It probably helps that I used a new bottle of white Konad polish. The image came out nice and crisp.