Monday, October 19, 2009

fun with konad

Here are some pictures of what we did to our nails since we got konad ...

This was my first time using konad. I used China Glaze Channelesque, Konad white, and m57.

This was Sha's first time using konad. She used China Glaze For Audrey, Konad black and white, and m36.

Sha: Orly Liquid Vinyl, Konad silver, and m64

Sha: Milani Golden Goddess, Konad black, and s6

Steph: China Glaze White on White, Konad black and purple, silver glitter, and m57

Steph: Orly Petit Four, Konad white, silver glitter and m9

Sha: Finger Paints Lavender Highlight, purple glitter (not sure what brand), konad white and m57

Steph: Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money, Konad white, and m9

Steph: China Glaze Make An Entrance, Konad white, silver glitter, and m4

Steph: China Glaze Shower Together, Konad white, and m25

That's it for now. I'll post a few more later :)

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  1. Your French tips are great! I love the flower placement over the smile line on the pink ones! :) Love your blog!