Tuesday, September 28, 2010

China Glaze Jitterbug

I didn't get to blog last week.  School's keeping me busy.  It's only been a month since the semester started but I already feel like I need a break.  I miss summer! :P Anyway, back in August I went to Vegas for a few days for my cousin's bachelorette party.  I wanted something that would match most of my outfits, which were mostly black, so I chose China Glaze Jitterbug.  I used a full nail design from plate m60 with black stamping polish.  I know it looks like I messed up on my middle finger but I actually messed up on my pinkie.  I started stamping at my thumb and tried to alternate the direction of the design but forgot to turn the image around when I got to my pinkie.  I didn't even realize it til a few days after I took the picture.

The picture below is from our second Konad night.  Not all the girls were able to go but the 3 of us still wanted to do our nails.  I haven't been taking note of the nail polishes they used.  Maybe I should start doing that.  But I'm not sure how accurate the colors look in the picture.  My sister, Sha, used her cell to take the picture because it has this auto and touch focus so it turned out better than the picture I took with my digital camera.

Okay, back to homework ...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Essie Splash of Grenadine

A few weeks ago in a post I mentioned that my friends and I were going to start doing Konad night once a week. We've been doing a good job getting together every Thursday. We've only missed one so far. We almost missed it again last week because I was sick for a few days. We cancelled it but ended up doing Konad night on Friday instead.

Anyway, this is actually from the first time we did Konad night. Now you know how far behind I am in posting pictures! I used Essie Splash of Grenadine, Konad white polish and image plate m26. At the time, I didn't own this plate and borrowed my friend's. I ended up liking the plate so much, I bought my own a few days after :) Luckily, I live about 15 minutes away from a store that sells konad. The only time I ordered online was the first time I bought my Konad set. After that, I looked at the Konad website and found a store called JK Emporium in Torrance, CA. I've been going there for over a year now and I love going there. The guy that's usually there is really friendly and very helpful. When a plate you want is out of stock, he'll order it right way and you'll have it within a few days. I also really like the fact that I can see the actual plates and go home with it if I decide to buy it! No waiting for it to be mailed! So if you live in the area, you should go there to buy your plates and polishes :)

Ok, that's all for now. I'll be back next week with another post <3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

China Glaze China Rouge

In my last post I said that I don't normally wear orange. Well, I don't normally wear red either. I usually like wearing purples, blues, teals, grays and black. But I thought I'd give it a try. Here's China Glaze China Rouge. I ended up liking it :) It's a nice shade of red .. not too bright and not too dark. I used white Konad stamping polish and image plate m75. I also practiced Konaddict's technique on how to get the mirror image of a design. Learn how to do it here.

I forgot to take a picture of both hands but this picture shows the mirror image of the original design. It wasn't too difficult to do. You just have to be fast. Has anyone else tried to do it?