Tuesday, November 3, 2009

halloween nails

I was so busy with school last week and didn't have a chance to post up a picture of my halloween nails. I actually did them about a week before halloween and took a picture right after. Anyway, here's what I did ...

Orly Crush On You, Konad black, and m36.

On the day of halloween, I changed my nail polish and did a leopard print design to match my leopard costume (well, not really costume .. just ears and a tail.) I was busy that day and didn't have a chance to take a picture thinking I could take a picture the next day. Unfortunately, they already chipped the next day so I decided not to. Since I had a day off from school yesterday, I had time to do my nails. I used Zoya Demi as my base color. Then I mixed a small amount of Demi and a few drops of white konad polish to make it a bit lighter than the base color. I used the color I mixed for the net looking design (m57). Next, I used konad white for the flowers m35. For the butterfly (m36), I mixed konad white with a few drops of Demi, making it lighter than the net design. It wasn't hard doing this, just a bit more time consuming than the other manicures because of the mixing and all the different designs.


  1. found your fan pic on facebk :)
    love ur nail designs <3!

  2. Hey I just found you on facebook (Zoya's page) and now I am following. Love your designs!