Friday, October 22, 2010

Light as Air + Grape Pop

Last week I forgot to post a picture from our Konad night. Going clockwise, mine is at the top, Clare's (Konad), Sha's (freehand using nails polish), and Stef's (freehand using acrylic paint).

I still have some pictures I never posted so I'm probably going to just keep posting them in the order that I did them.  But if I participate in a challenge or do something related to the holidays I'll post them up right away.  Anyway, here's one I did in August.  I used China Glaze Light as Air as my base color, China Glaze Grape Pop for stamping and Konad image plate m78.  I really liked the way this one turned out but it's probably because purple is my favorite color! :) 

Here's our picture from Konad night. Going clockwise after my nail is Jess, Clare, Ria and Sha.  

That's all for now.  Hopefully in my next post I'll have some type of Halloween design on my nails :)

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